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Welcome www.sideshaft.com

 Thank you for visiting www.sideshaft.com,  this website was created to assist in search for antique gas engines.  I  am eager to find out about antique gas engines that need a new home.  

I have been involved in the antique engine hobby for over 20 years.   Over that time it has become a passion of mine to search out and  purchase many different antique engines.  The history, workmanship, and  style of these engines fasinates me.

I am looking for one or whole collections of engines:

 Whether you have one or many engines for sale I may be interested.  Over  the years I have travled many miles for just one engine and have also  bought collections of over 100 at a time.  I consider myself to be a  collector and a true engine enthusiast but buying and selling old  engines and parts is also my busisness.   Based on my years of  experiance and many contacts I can often afford to pay a higher price  than others.     

What I am looking for:

 My primary interest is in old hit and miss style engines.  These engine  most often have a single cylinder, two flywheels, a magneto, and are  water cooled but there are many varations.   You mave have seen a John  Deere hit and miss engine making ice cream at a fair or festival.  That  is a common hit and miss engine.  Some other common hit and miss engine  brand names would be; IHC, Fairbanks Morse, Stover, Nelson Bros, Field  Brundage and more.  Some of other and older engine names would be Otto,  Springfield, Columbus, Callahan, the list can go on and on.   

What I am not looking:

 Although I think all engines are interesting and have value there are  some I have no interest in buying.  These would be more modern engines  or power units such a Detriot Diesels, Continetals, tractor engines,  automobile engines.  I am also not looking for modern lawn mower engines  although I am interested in the older ones (Pre 1930's).  But it never  hurts to call or email if you have any questions. 

If you have any antique engines for sale please contact me.

 I try to always be easy to get ahold of.  If you have and engine that  you might want to sell please give me a call or email.  You can even  text me a picture from your phone to me at 419-789-1159  

Rozevink Engines LLC

 14316 State Route 281
Holgate Ohio 43527